Leaderboard tool for Sakai

I have been conceptualising this tool for months and I put it down to sheer laziness that I haven’t started this any earlier… anyway, its underway, the Sakai Leaderboard tool.

What’s a leaderboard I hear you say? It’s a board that shows the ranking of people in a competition. Think of a group of sports players and their ranking across several tournaments.


This was actually requested by a group of staff at UNE who wanted to use it for high school students to compete in a science competition. Each week they would release a quiz or other type of assessment and the students would complete it. Each week they could see where they are coming in the class and compete against each other for the top place.

So the idea behind this one is that it will work off the Gradebook API, rendering the class list and each assessment in order, tallying up the results etc. The coordinator of the site will be able to set which assessments are included, their order in the tally table, and some privacy options.

I’m well aware of the privacy requirements in certain parts of the world so will build in different views based on these privacy requirements.

Anyway, should be a fun one to build. Stay tuned for more info like the confluence and svn locations.


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