Leaderboard takes shape

Now that SakaiAdminX is released, I’ve been able to get back into developing my Leaderboard app for Sakai. Its already taken great shape, thanks to the Wicket framework.

This is my first venture into Wicket and I must admit its refreshing to be able to code pure Java and pure HTML and watch them come together into a fully functional application. No messy mixes of HTML with some other type of coding (JS Trimpath control loops, Java wrapped around JSP when there was no JSP tag to suit <insert other messy framework here>). What’s even better is Wicket has its own AJAX API for making your app more asyncronous, and works 100% with jQuery for some cool UI enhancements.

Lots of prototyping at this stage, should have something concrete shortly. Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Leaderboard takes shape

    • Hi Caitlyn, no I didn’t, had to move onto other things since. I’ve been working on some grade book services lately so accessing the data to feed the leaderboard wouldn’t be hard at all. If you are interested we could chat about what you need? Let me know. Cheers.

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