Followup to Safari 4

A quick followup to yesterday’s post on the mods you can do to Safari 4 in the Terminal to change it’s appearance. Whist doing this at home I mistyped one and thinking I had the three all sorted, I saw an even cooler loading style. Apparently it was in Safari 3 as well.

It’s like a pie chart that fills up as the site is loaded and lives in the Address Bar icon space:

You can get it by these two options:

defaults write DebugSafari4TabBarIsOnTop -bool NOdefaults write DebugSafari4IncludeToolbarRedesign -bool NO

ie leaving out the ‘DebugSafari4LoadProgressStyle’ one from my previous post. I think I prefer the pie over the blue progress bar. Makes me a bit hungry though.

Also, I found a workaround to the broken file upload field. Just drag and drop your file into the ‘Choose File’ space.

Safari 4 (and Sakai)

>As soon as I found out about the Safari 4 Beta, I just had to have it. I love shiny new stuff! And Safari 4 certainly is shiny – and fast… it flies along on my Mac!

I quite like the Top Sites feature, where all of your most heavily visited sites are all visible on one screen with preview images of each. And just noticed that you can have preview images of your bookmarks/history and flip through them like the Album Art in iTunes.

There are heaps more features I’m yet to explore though, full list here:
One thing really note-worthy is when I saw the CSS Animation stuff and how easy it is to implement, that was awesome! Images floating down the page as separate entities, rotating and bending around just like leaves falling from a tree in autumn all controlled via a few CSS properties.

Pretty neat, although it’ll be a million years before Internet Explorer implements anything like this considering there’s not even native rounded corner support in IE7. My burning desire is to be able to design the UI of webapps according to the HTML and CSS specs and have the browsers play catch up, unfortunately Joe User on his Windows box refusing to use anything except IE will still complain when it doesn’t look 100%. It really is such a pain making something work on every browser, then having to spend time coming up with stupid hacks just so it works in IE.

Thankfully frameworks and libraries like like Apache Wicket and jQuery are taking some of this pain away with neat, cross-browser (and degradable) AJAX goodies 🙂

Anyway, back to Safari… I’m not a huge fan of the tabs being on top rather than hanging underneath though and I miss the blue progress bar in the address bar, so I just changed them:

defaults write DebugSafari4TabBarIsOnTop -bool NO
defaults write DebugSafari4IncludeToolbarRedesign -bool NO
defaults write DebugSafari4LoadProgressStyle -bool NO

One bug I did came across is file uploads don’t seem to work at all, clicking the ‘Choose File’ button does nothing. I’ll have to try it at home to rule out some proxy issue.

Now I mentioned Sakai in the title, better report on its compatibility… oh yeah, works fine! Everything looks just as it did in Safari 3 and I haven’t found any tools not working as they should!

TinyUrlService for Sakai

I’ve just checked into contrib (Sakai’s repo of additional cool stuff) a new service for Sakai called TinyUrlService. Given any URL in Sakai you can get a tiny URL for it to send out in emails or just have as a nice link to a page or tool.

It maps to the /tiny/ URL space and implementing it is as simple as injecting the service and making one simple call:
String tinyUrl = tinyUrlService. generateTinyUrl(someUrl);

This returns a URL like:


which when followed will redirect to the original URL just as you’d expect. It takes care of all the necessary checks, for instance if that particular URL already has a tiny URL associated with it, that one is returned instead of making a new one.

You can get it here:

and the Jira for this new service is here:

Profile2 integrated with Twitter

Hot on the heels of the official Profile2 launch, I’ve added Twitter integration to Profile2.

For users who have a Twitter account, they can add their details to the new Preferences page in Profile2, and have their status updates sent to Twitter as well.

The release tag is 1.0.1 and is available now. Loads of updated info on Confluence:

Profile2: Official Release

I am very excited to announce that Profile2 v1.0 has been officially released!

Profile2 is a complete re-design and re-development of the existing Profile tool in Sakai. It gives you more of a Facebook style interface for editing your profile. In addition you have a comprehensive set of Privacy controls to allow you to choose who can see what part(s) of your Profile.

With Profile2 you can post updates, search for people with common interests, view their profiles, view their friends, add them as friends, and much more.

Profile2 can be run seamlessly alongside the existing profile in Sakai to allow you to evaluate both profile tools. If you’ve never used the Profile tool in Sakai before, now is the time to start!

View this space in Confluence for screenshots, instructions on where to get the source, how to build it and how to configure it.

A migration utility is included which allows you to convert existing Profiles into Profile2 profiles.

Many more features are planned for future releases of Profile2, and you can keep track of progress on both the Confluence space and in Profile2’s Jira space:

Feel free to post any comments or questions.