Profile2: Official Release

I am very excited to announce that Profile2 v1.0 has been officially released!

Profile2 is a complete re-design and re-development of the existing Profile tool in Sakai. It gives you more of a Facebook style interface for editing your profile. In addition you have a comprehensive set of Privacy controls to allow you to choose who can see what part(s) of your Profile.

With Profile2 you can post updates, search for people with common interests, view their profiles, view their friends, add them as friends, and much more.

Profile2 can be run seamlessly alongside the existing profile in Sakai to allow you to evaluate both profile tools. If you’ve never used the Profile tool in Sakai before, now is the time to start!

View this space in Confluence for screenshots, instructions on where to get the source, how to build it and how to configure it.

A migration utility is included which allows you to convert existing Profiles into Profile2 profiles.

Many more features are planned for future releases of Profile2, and you can keep track of progress on both the Confluence space and in Profile2’s Jira space:

Feel free to post any comments or questions.


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