Profile2 v1.1 released

>I am very pleased to announce the 1.1 release of Profile2 for Sakai.

Profile2 is a complete re-development of the existing Profile tool in Sakai and brings social networking to Sakai2. A Facebook-like interface for editing your profile, comprehensive privacy controls, post status updates including Twitter integration, searching for people with common interests and adding them as a connection, are what Profile2 is all about.
Over 23 fixes and new features are incorporated into this release including: improved Twitter integration, email and event publishing, full control over the configuration, improved AJAX processing, and full support for 2.4.x, 2.5.x and the 2.6.x releases of Sakai.
Your profile
Comprehensive privacy settings
Manage connections and connection requests
More information, including screenshots and installation instructions for all three Sakai flavours are available on Confluence here:
For the full list of features and fixes for the release, please see the issue Navigator for Profile2 in the Sakai Jira:

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