Really sharing your iTunes library between different users on the same Mac

A guide to sharing your iTunes library between different users on the same Mac

Lets say you have two accounts on the one Mac, one for you and one for your partner. You are both into the same sort of music so want to share it between you both. Normally, in OS X, the different user accounts are completely isolated from one another, Documents, Music, Movies, all separate. This is a common feature in *nix land and contributes largely to the underlying security of the operating system. If you were to rip a CD into iTunes in one account, the other account wouldn’t know anything about it.

There are a couple of places where you can share information between accounts though. One is the Dropbox, where other users and even anonymous logins can drop files, but not see inside. It’s located at /Users/username/Public/Drop Box. The other is at /Users/Shared. This space is a bit more relaxed and all users can see anything that’s put into it, ie its shared!

This article will guide you through moving your iTunes music and library to /Users/Shared so that all users have access to the one library.

Before we begin, open up Finder and navigate to your Music directory. Note the structure:

The key parts of this is the ‘iTunes Library’ file and the ‘iTunes Music’ folder. You might have other folders like artwork etc, that’s fine.

Firstly, the article at Apple about this, doesn’t quite share iTunes properly. It talks about moving the iTunes Music folder into /Users/Shared, but leaving your iTunes library where it is. You then add the other user’s library to your own. What this means is that any new music you add in one account WILL NOT automatically be in the other user’s library, you will need to re-add the other user’s library each time it changes. Not ideal.

This method moves the entire iTunes folder, library and all, then adjusts the permissions on that folder so that the other user account can write into the same library. Here’s how:
1. For one user, quit iTunes and drag or move your entire iTunes folder into /Users/Shared (or Macintosh HD > Users > Shared). After moving, it should look like this:

2. Open iTunes but hold down the option key as you do. You will get a prompt like this:

3. Select ‘Choose Library…’ and navigate to /Users/Shared and select ‘iTunes’.

4. iTunes will start and you should see your music as normal.

5. Navigate to iTunes > Preferences > Advanced and make sure both checkboxes are checked. You need to do this so that all music goes into the shared iTunes library. It’s a good idea to do this even if you aren’t sharing music as it keeps it all in one spot.

6. Quit iTunes and open Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal)

7. Enter this command, followed by Enter after each.
cd /Users/Shared
chmod -R 775 iTunes

What this does is sets the permissions on the iTunes folder in /Users/Shared and all files and folders underneath it to be read AND write to the other user. If you do not do this then the other user would only be able to read the library. However, iTunes constantly writes to the library, when you play a song, or retrieve artwork etc so both users must have write permission.

8. Now logout or switch to the other user account. If you fast-switch, make sure you have quit iTunes. If you logout it will close anyway.

9. In the other user account, open iTunes holding down option. You will get the same prompt. Choose /Users/Shared/iTunes. You will see the music from the other account in this account. Try adding a song then switching back to the other user and you’ll see it’s there as well!

10. Make sure the same two checkboxes in Step 5 are enabled for this user and you are finished!

Note: You must close iTunes before switching to the other account and using iTunes, otherwise you will get a message about the library being locked. iTunes locks the library when it opens and unlocks it when it exits.


86 thoughts on “Really sharing your iTunes library between different users on the same Mac

  1. This whole thing worked well with one hiccup. When I switched to the other account, iTunes failed to start with an error of the file is locked or you don't have permissions. After checking that iTunes wasn't still open in the other account, and indeed it wasn't, I could only surmise that the account wasn't in the correct group(wheel). So I reran the chmod with 777 and it worked. Which group would you have expected it to be, wheel doesn't seem right?

  2. Both accounts will need to be part of the same group that the folder has for it to work. I've got a few other directories in there created by other apps with group 'wheel' and there are no issues.It may be that chmod'ing it to 777 (which lets all users have r/w access) is the part that made it work ok. This should be fine as well if you have a limited set of users.cheers.

  3. Steve–thanks a lot for this. I had a couple problems with the instructions, though.First, it's not clear from the instructions that we need to actually pick the file "iTunes Library.itl" under "iTunes." (your step 3 just indicates to "select 'iTunes'." I couldn't go on until I picked the library file.Second, I get the following error when I do the "chmod -R 775 iTunes" command:"chmod: iTunes/iTunes Music: Operation not permitted"Any idea what could be causing that?Thanks a lot!Thayer

  4. Hi Thayer,In Step 3, it works for me both ways, selecting either the iTunes folder or the iTunes Music Library.For the Terminal command, the account that needs to perform the command must be the owner of the file (ie the one that moved it) OR be listed as an administrator in the User System Prefs.If using other admin user, then preface the command with sudo, ie 'sudo chmod -R 775 iTunes'. You'll be prompted for a password, enter the user's password. For reference, the way I had mine setup is the first user that did the moving of the iTunes folder and chmod command was listed as an admin user, the second user was a normal user.Hope this helps!

  5. >Steve,I'm a recent convert to Mac, so some of it was just elementary education (learning about folder sharing and permissions, etc).My wife and I have our own accounts, and we're both admins with equal rights (good for my marriage), and we share pictures, movies and music but try to keep the rest separate. So, I put our pictures in the shared users directory, logged in as her, and she was unable to access the shared pictures folder (which also had the red minus sign on it). So I went into the folder's properties, saw that she had no permissions on the picture folder, figured out how to change that to read/write, and concluded we were having a similar problem with the iTunes directory.So I went into the iTunes directory's properties and saw that she was "read/write", I was "custom", and–horrors–the pulldown wouldn't let me choose anything else. Thinking I might have done something wrong in Terminal (syntax error), I went in and did your command with "sudo"…this changed my permissions back to "read/write" and all is good.Sorry for the pedantic explanation, but you asked and I like revisiting my little victories LOLThanks again for all the help,Thayer

  6. >Thanks for the help, but where I thought this was completed, I went to begin using the second user account, but permissions did not exist. I went back to the admin user account and attempted to run the chmod and it initially told me that it was an invalid or illegal operation regarding ipod games. I suspect this has something to do with the other iPod being a newer nano as I don't believe the games existed on my older music only unit. I moved the iPod games out of the shared folder, but then was give the same error code except this applied to album art. I'm thinking that I can remove each of these one at a time until it reaches the same illegal operation for the music and videos itself. I thought I would try the sudo command but I received an ominous warning about losing data and files so I aborted and besides that, I'm not trying to enter these commands from the alternate user account, but rather the primary. Can you make any suggestions that might help me resolve it and why it worked last night, and I even downloaded a movie to the new nano from the alternate user. Thank you for the useful information.Marshall

  7. >Coyote,It works for movies with mine. Steve must be pretty busy as he wasn't able to respond to my issue yet, but I found a work around. That's not a slight against Steve…as without his direction via his blog, I would not have been able to accomplish what I was trying to accomplish.You should have no issue sharing movies in your library.Marshall

  8. Hello, I'm all new to this sharing. I'd like to implement this solution on my Mac. I have one question. Would it interfere with iPod, iPhone syncs? Both my partner and I have iPhones and I'm wondering if iTunes will have an issue with both devices trying to synch to the same library


  9. Will this setup work the same with iphoto? I had to create a diskimage ( tutorial) and am sharing iphoto that way. After reading this I wondered if this process will work for iphoto? Thanks in advance.

  10. It should work for everything since in reality its just fiddling with the permissions on the file. As long as you can specify the location to the iPhoto library (I haven't checked if you can do this?).Because both users have read/write access to the library files then both can read and write to them ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. @steven: It doesn't matter, iTunes won't be be looking there anymore so you can do what you want with it. Alll of your music and library files have been moved to Shared. Best double check you've done it properly by just moving that old iTunes folder somewhere else first though.

  12. This whole thread is very useful. Thanks to everyone who’s participated. Could you clarify that step 7 (“Enter this command, followed by Enter after each”) means:cd /Users/Shared [Enter]chmod -R 775 iTunes [Enter]Probably very obvious to most, but not absolutely clear to me.Many thanks!

  13. Steve: This was the most-helpful tutorial – if not the simplest and clearest – that I read on this topic. However, when I enter the terminal command chmod -R 775 iTunesI get the following error: “No such file or directory”Any ideas? I apologize if you already covered…I didn’t see it in any of the other comments.Joe

  14. Another observation: Though I changed my preferences to “point” to the new, shared file, my iTunes song list is something different…am not sure what. (Perhaps a previous list?)Lastly, there are no other iTunes files or folders under the Shared folder…such as Album Artwork, iPod Games, iTunes Library, iTunes Library Extras.itdb, iTunes Library Genius.itdb, iTunes Music Library.xml, and Previous iTunes Libraries – all of which appear under MY user name iTunes folder.Thanks, again!!!

  15. J says:

    Just got my first Mac and have separate accounts for myself and hubby, this worked great. We also have an iphone each and were able to authorise the second itunes account on this computer and sync apps to both phones. Thanks very much for the walkthrough. Better than the apple solution by far. Thanks,J

  16. J says:

    Though I’ve had a bit of trouble with file permissions … if I add a track, he can’t edit any of the properties of the track, and vice versa. I think this is down to my misunderstanding of file permissions. I had added him to the iTunes permissions list. I removed him from the permissions list (leaving the staff group there) and it started working again.Getting there… J

  17. The 775 is actually a triplet of permissions. The first number is the permission for the owner of the file. The second for those in the group that owns the file, the third for everyone else.So 775 means owner and group can read write and execute, everyone else and read and execute only. So your other user will need to be in the same group to inherit the group permissions. Alternatively, set it 777 if you only have a couple of users and want to share the iTunes library amongst all users.cheers.

  18. Steve, I’d like to second those in front of me – nice job on the most clear, concise review I’ve found online. I did have a problem with the chmod Terminal command as well, but solved it through Get Info windows and changed it there successfully. What if my wife and I (who use separate accounts on the same Mac) wanted to keep separate playlists and play counts. Would we put the iTunes Music folder in the Users/Shared but keep the .xml files in our individual user ~/Music folders? Ideally, we’d have access to all the same music, but just organize it differently. When one imports it, the other would have it too.

  19. Hi Mark,Thanks for the kind comment. For your playlist question, I don’t think this is possible. I had a reader contact me offline that wanted to be able to select different files to sync to their iPod for each user. The best I could think of was having a playlist for each user. Both users would be able to see it though. I sync manually though and this isn’t a problem for me.I don’t think you’ll be able to have separate playlists or playcounts though as that is stored against each track in the iTunes Music Library.xml, as Play Count3.There is also a section in there for playlists.If these pieces of data were split out then it may be possible to have individual settings via a shared library, but for now I don’t think it’s possible. It would be great it Apple allowed proper sharing like this, then it *would* get implemented!

  20. My iTunes library comes a long way, from iTunes 2 I believe, so my users’ home, has a “Music” folder where most of my files are, and inside that, an (created by some recent iTunes update) iTunes folder where music added recently started to be stored along the library’s xml.

    Using your directions (Thanks!) I moved just the iTunes folder (less than 2% of total music), then opened itunes and everything worked fine. The 98% rest of my files where still in my user’s folder (not shared) but were indeed still linked fine and played OK.

    So then, within iTunes, I did File > Library > Organize > Consolidate, and all my “old” music started being copied over to the shared folder.

    That way I suppose (still copying over 50Gb) my playlists, ratings, playcount, etc WILL be copied over to the actual shared library.

    Lastly, I’ll just delete the old user/Music folder, as all files will already be duplicated in Users/Shared/iTunes/iTunes Music


  21. Hey Steve,

    I just wanted to say thanks. I thought I had a decent sharing system set up, where both users were looking at the same location for files, but if either of us added files, it was a pain whenever either of us added a new file.

    This worked like a charm.

  22. Steve,

    Thanks for this tutorial. I getting a “command not found? message after entering the command “Users”. Do you know how I can solve this?

    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Just an update on this.

    Using the same macbook I setup for this original post, I received an error starting iTunes using the second account saying the Library was locked, etc.

    Anyway, I re-ran the instructions, ‘chmod -R 775 iTunes’ and received a number of errors:

    chmod: Unable to change file mode on … Operation not permitted

    I looked at the permissions and they seemed to have been missing the ‘write’ bit for the group, ie the second w (drwxr-xr-x). Must have been an iTunes update.

    So prefixed the command with sudo and all is well. iTunes back up and running in both accounts.

    I wonder if Apple will read this blog entry and take note.

  24. Steve,

    I’m a new Mac owner and followed your steps so that both my wife and I could share a single itunes media file. Everything worked great up to and including getting the library to populate in my wife’s itunes. However, added music from one user doesn’t show up in the other user’s library. I have to phisically go in and add the files to the second user’s itunes. Is this normal? I’m not sure what I am missing here. Each user is defined as an Administrator. Will this make a difference?

    Thanks for your assistance. I think I’m almost there.

  25. Yep, moved the whole itunes folder to the the Shared user folder. Everything is in there from what I can tell. I’m wondering if I should delete one of the user accounts and start over. Do I need to run the same commands under the second user or just the first user?

    Thanks again!

  26. It shouldn’t matter which user you run the command under, so long as it works. Both user’s have started up iTunes pointing to the new library, ie holding down Option? Sounds like one might still be pointing to the old library (if you copied it).

  27. Steve, thanks again for your assistance. iTunes is working exactly the way I want it to now. If I had followed your instructions correctly in the first place I wouldn’t have struggled with it.


  28. Thanks so much for these instructions. It seems to have almost worked for me but I have run into one problem. I am the user the added the iTunes folder to shared. When we choose the library from my husband’s side, it pulls up and we can see everything. But if we try to play a song we get the following message: “The song … cannot be used because the original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it?” Any thoughts on what i might have done wrong?

  29. Hi Deborah,
    Sounds like your music files might be in your account so your husband's account can't access them?

    If you go into Shared > iTunes > iTunes Media > Music, do you see everything there?

    Alternatively, right click the music file you want to play > Get Info > Summary > down the bottom check the path to the file. It should be in Shared. If not, do this. ITunes > Preferences > Advanced > check Keep iTunes Media Folder organized, and Copy files. The crucial one is the Copy files. You need it to copy the files to the iTunes folder when adding music otherwise iTunes will look for them from where you added them, which could be anywhere in your account.

    The act of moving it all into Shared makes all of these files visible to other users. You might need to re-add the files if they aren't in Shared. To do this, just drag them out into a folder on your Desktop, delete from iTunes, then drag back in and they'll be copied into the iTunes Media folder, which is now in Shared.

  30. This all worked beautifully. Thanks, Steve, for laying out such a thorough and clear process.Someone had asked earlier in the thread if the same fix works for iPhoto. It does, but I found that I needed to change the name of iPhoto Library to iPhoto_Library since the Terminal syntax wanted to treat iPhoto and Library as two separate files. Otherwise works like a charm.

  31. This all worked beautifully. Thanks, Steve, for laying out such a thorough and clear process.Someone had asked earlier in the thread if the same fix works for iPhoto. It does, but I found that I needed to change the name of iPhoto Library to iPhoto_Library since the Terminal syntax wanted to treat iPhoto and Library as two separate files. Otherwise works like a charm.

  32. Steve,

    Thanks for the easy instructions on how to share one library between two users. All worked like a charm, until I bought a song on one account. Couldn’t edit the song info on the second user. Tried buying a song on second user and couldn’t edit it on the first. So I changed the permissions to 777, but that didn’t work either. When I change the permissions the changes work for the songs already added, but not for those I add after I make the permission changes.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, Paul

  33. Hi Steve,

    This thread is incredibly useful. Thanks to you and everyone else who has contributed. I just have one question – I’m a new Mac user with very limited expertise and have spent the last few days trying to share music in a way that allows my wife and I to sync our iPhones on the same machine. Unfortunately, I’ve come up with nothing. This is the closest I’ve seen to a possible answer, and was just wondering if you had a response to Christian Calderon’s question (12 Sep 2009) regarding the syncing of iPods and iPhones.

    Here are the facts specific to my situation:
    I have a MacBook Pro running OSX 10.6.4 and iTunes 9. My wife has a iPhone 3G and I have an iPhone 4 and we use separate iTunes and Mac user accounts. I tried sharing our music using the method recommended by Apple, but came unstuck when I tried to sync our phones. The phones appear to get confused when trying to sync the apps.

    The Apple article says to move the iTunes Media folder to the Shared folder, but for iTunes 9, this includes the Mobile Applications folder. I’m not an expert, but it appears that when one of us syncs our phone, any mutual apps are overwritten, which causes problems when the other next syncs their phone; an error message is displayed saying the iPhone is not authorised to run the other’s apps.

    Friends of mine who have migrated from older versions of iTunes do not seem to have the same problem because their iTunes Music folder is stored separately from their Mobile Applications folder, meaning it can be moved without causing the same confusion.

    Unfortunately, to someone with my limited expertise, this does not appear to be possible in iTunes 9. Do you know a neat solution or could you suggest a work around. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  34. Steve,

    I followed all directions, and everything works as described, except that my wife’s iTunes will create and load a default library every time it is launched unless I option-click to open iTunes, and select the shared library.

    Basically, it defaults back to an empty library unless I force it to use the shared library.

    Is this normal, or can you recommend a fix?

    Thanks for your time.

  35. >Hi Mike,IIRC I also recently had this issue after an iTunes upgrade. The solution was to reset the permissions again via the chmod command. We only have the two users so set it to 777 – insecure if you are on a large multi user system but fine for normal use between a handful of trusted users.Hope this helps,Steve

  36. >my wife and i do not have similar music tastes-for the most part. Though there are songs we each have in our own respective libraries we would like to share with each other. Following these steps will allow us to utilize the other persons library, but is there a way to copy songs from one library to another easily? I really don't want to combine all of our music into one library that is shared (I heard this technique from a friend). There must be an easier way. Please help this beginner MAC user.

  37. >Hi David,Easiest method is to not follow this guide and just put any music you want to share in each others libraries in the Shared folder itself, and import it into the other person's library when they next login.You can do this by just selecting music or albums in iTunes and dragging them out to copy the music files.cheers,Steve

  38. Hi Steve,

    We store all of our music on an external drive – do you know if there’s a way to easily share music between my iTunes and my husband’s? We like the same music, but I can’t figure out how to have the music I add to the external drive – which shows up in my iTunes – to show up in his iTunes in his user account. I’m trying to save space on my MacBook Pro so I really don’t want any music on the Mac’s hard drive at all.


  39. I know this blog entry is old, but what a gem! Thank you!

    This is a well-kept secret, and it is a mystery to me why Apple’s how-to document gives a lame way to do this that doesn’t really work as well. Nobody in the discussions seems to know either. I will be linking some people to this page. It worked like a charm for me, except I used the Get Info window to change permissions recursively. I added one user and gave her read-write, not everyone.

    I am a bit concerned about Blake’s comment (18 Aug. 2010) about iPhone syncing, as that could be a deal breaker as we both have iPhones.


  40. Hi Steve

    I am REALLY new to the world of MAC and itunes and reading this it sounds simple until I go to do it and I really don’t know what I am doing. I don’t know how to move files, etc. on mac–pc user for YEARS! I’ve looked at the apple instructions too but there is too much “given” knowledge that I’m not “given”.

    Can you write it in really basic terms–meaning, how do I move the folder to a public folder when I can’t find that….If too much trouble, then please point me in the right direction for additional help. I’ve just recently purchased the MacBook and an iphone4. My husband has an iphone and itunes account already on our macbook. I’d like to share music but not our contacts, etc.

    Thank you! Carolyn

  41. Steve, as many others have said thanks for making this REALLY work. I had no issue with your instructions first try and all seems to be working.

    HOWEVER, I have a somewhat related question. My music is taking up a big whack of space (50GB) on my 250 GB SSD Drive, which is where my default Users/Shared directory it possible to create ANOTHER Users/Shared directory on ANOTHER drive? I have a 1 TB built in drive that I would much rather use for this purpose.


  42. Hi Carolyn,

    Open the Finder and navigate to Macintosh HD > Users > Shared. Then open a new Finder window and navigate to Macintosh HD > Users > your username > Music. Then you can drag and drop the folders you need between the windows.

    You new Mac should have come with a manual about the basics, if not, I think you can get one from the Apple site as a PDF.


  43. Hey Steve,

    New Mac user… Want to share my library with my wife and daughter – both are admin for computer and both are set (via Get Info) to have read & write permissions for everything in the Shared folder. When I went to Terminal to enter commands with “sudo”, I got the following message:-

    WARNING: Improper use of the sudo command could lead to data loss or the deletion of important system files. Please double-check your typing when using sudo.

    Type “man sudo” for more information.

    To proceed, enter your password, or type Ctrl-C to abort.

    -I didn’t see this mentioned in the thread, so I was concerned enough to abort. Then I went to my wife’s log-in and held down option will opening iTunes and now she maps to that library every time. I tried the same with my daughter’s log-in and it did not work. Should I proceed with the “sudo” command? Why is it now working for my wife (even though I aborted), but not my daughter?-Bill

  44. Hi Bill,

    Improper use of the sudo command does have the possibility to wreak havoc, since you are running the command as a privileged user. So it’s just a nice warning. This one is safe to run.


  45. Steve,Thanks for the input on how to successfully share an itunes library however I am coming across one glitch. I can add music, apps, books, and movies without any issues in either account. However, I can only download podcasts from one user. When I am in the other account it tells me that there is not enough permission to download however the permissions for all folders are correct. Any suggestions?

  46. Gavin Watts says:

    hi Steve.Great blog, really easy to understand. Got a small problem that i just cant get the permissions to work for my wife user account. Im fairly new to how a mac works. We have just brought a 2011 mac mini and its great. Managed to share our itunes library the way apple says but always had to copy new music into my wife’s account. Very annoying. Moved the whole itunes folder as you described and then carried out the commands in terminal. At first kept on having “No such file or directoryโ€. finally got it to work by dropping the “cd” from the command. The next command seem to work alright, when i pressed enter a whole page of script appeared. so closed terminal, logged into my wifes account held down control and searched for a new library. Went ti the new shared library and got a message telling me that this library is locked or on a locked disc etc etc. Tried it again using 777 and still the same. Everything is set to Read and Write in the “get info” window. Im now stuck and cant work out what to do. We are running version 10.5.1 by the way. Maybe this is the problem.
    Be really helpful if you could give me any help to get this to work.
    Many thanks

  47. Chris says:

    Hi, Just wondering how to undo this command line in the terminal as I’ve recently changed my mind on how I would like to share music in the iTunes library? (I can’t stand all my wife’s music clogging up my iTunes library).

  48. Hi Chris,
    Just move the folder back and start iTunes with the key combo, then point it to the new location. You’ll need to make sure both users have a copy of the library so do this in both accounts. Then you can delete it from the shared location. Each account’s iTunes libraries will then be separate so you can go through and delete your wife’s poor music selection from your own library (and she can do likewise).

  49. Vinch says:

    Hi Steve,
    I scanned this blog quickly and I’m not sure if this was mentioned. My question concerns using your method with an external hard drive.

    I have all of my iTunes media stored on an external HD connected to my iMac, and the “iTunes” folder is located in my user account in my “Music” folder, while the actual media is stored on the external HD in a folder that I named “iTunes”.

    My wife recently purchased an iPhone and now we want to setup her iTunes on her user account to share the iTunes media stored on the external HD as well as setup her own iTunes account for her to download apps, music, etc..

    I would like to know if your above instructions will work the same way with an external hard drive.

    Thanks, I appreciate your help!

    • Hi,
      Yes it should work, though this was mainly about sharing the actual iTunes folder as well. As long as you ensure the music is on the external drive then add it to iTunes it will work. Your best bet might be to move the iTunes folder tithe external drive though.

  50. Tommy says:

    I have my iTunes library on an external hard drive. What command should I enter in Terminal at step 7? Or is step 7 unnecessary when the library is on an external device? Thanks!

  51. Shane says:

    Hi Steve, I’ve just ordered a new iMac and plan on following your guide to set up a shared iTunes for both my wife and I on separate user accounts. As the last comment is from Jan 2013, I just wanted to know if this will still work with OS Mavericks and the latest version of iTunes? Cheers.

    • Hi Shane, Sorry I now use a network drive for iTunes so don’t use this method anymore. Give it a go. If it doesn’t work then you can just move the folders back and figure out another way. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work though, it’s still using the standard Sharing function of OS X. Make sure you have the permissions set correctly.

      • Gavin says:

        Hi Shane.
        I’m running Mavericks on a Mini using Steve’s way of sharing. Had no trouble at all. Have to reset the permissions every time a new version of iTunes is released but that’s only a 30 sec job.
        Still the best way of sharing other than network drives.

  52. Steve,

    Thanks for the great tutorial. I want to add one caveat: iTunes Match doesn’t seem to like two accounts sharing a library. It seems that everything works as it should but when switching user accounts (powering down iTunes before switching, of course), I have found iTunes Match turned off on the other account. If you enable it on the active account, it will be disabled on the other account after switching and vice versa. Since both my wife and I use Match to free up space on our phones, this is a deal breaker for us, unfortunately. Not your problem, of course, but I thought anyone else in a similar situation might want a heads up.

  53. chris b says:

    This is the clearest explanation I’ve seen concerning this frustrating topic. Is there any way you could post something similar for PC?

  54. Keith says:

    Is there a hack like this that will let me copy my library from my old desktop, copy it to my new MBP *and* switch it to a new itunes account? My wife and I have been sharing an iTunes account and its getting unwieldy. We would like to be able to maintain separate iTunes. So far I haven’t found anything. Do you know of any tricks?

    • If the items in your iTunes account are local (ie not purchased) then you should be able to copy the data across, then just sign out and in again. Alternatively, just drag all of the files out (to export) and then into the new one.

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