TinyUrlService 1.0 released

I am very pleased to announce the 1.0 release of TinyUrlService.

TinyUrlService is a simple URL shortening service for Sakai and was initially created as a support project for Profile2 to allow sending shorter links in emails. For instance, you could turn a URL like this:


into this:



However, this will also be the final release of TinyUrlService in it’s current form. This is to make way for the renaming of this service to RandomisedUrlService and the creation of a more pluggable interface.

In the works is a ShortenedUrlService which will be able to be configured by an institution to use any one of a number of different URL shortening mechanisms. RandomisedUrlService will be one implementation, but many others could be created and used instead, even hooking into external URL shortening services like bit.ly.
Stay tuned!

For more info on TinyUrlService, see my prior blog posts, the Jira space, the SVN space, or the Sakai Maven2 repository.


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