Profile2 1.3 series released

I am very pleased to announce the release of Profile2 1.3.

The 1.3 series represents dozens of refinements, enhancements and fixes over the 1.2 series. Notable features in 1.3 are a full integration with the Roster, a Help bundle, more language translations and more configuration options.

There are currently two tagged releases of the 1.3 series. 1.3.0 is the full 1.3 release. 1.3.1 is identical, however has the TinyUrlService methods removed, to make it ready for inclusion in upcoming Sakai releases. See this post for whats happening with TinyUrlService going forward.

To get Profile2, check out the install guide on Confluence.

For the full list of issues addressed, see the changelog in the Sakai JIRA.

And, as previously announced, v1.3.1 will be bundled with the upcoming Sakai 2.7.0 release!

A special thanks to everyone that has contributed to making this release a reality:

  • Mark Breuker
  • Nuno Fernandes
  • Adrian Fish
  • Mike Ozornin
  • Yuanhua Qu
  • Daniel Robinson
  • Anthony Whyte
  • and everyone that provided feedback over the past year of development!

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