Contributing to ‘Wicket By Example’

I’m now a contributor on Wicket By Example and have just posted my first article about using the Wicket ObjectAutoCompleteTextField component from the WicketStuff library.

Check it out!

This article was based on my experience creating the private messaging component in Profile2 where you get a list of your connections and can narrow down that list by typing the name of a connection you want to send a message to.

You can try out the messaging feature of Profile2 on the nightly trunk+experimental server hosted by the Sakai Foundation (rebuilt daily at 2.30am Eastern US).

Profile2 1.4 preview release available

I am very pleased to announce that a preview release of Profile2 1.4.0 is available. This release gives a sneak peek into some of the new features that Profile2 v1.4.0 will bring.

Notable features included in this release:
  • Private messaging
  • An image gallery and the ability to choose your profile image from your gallery
  • Improved Wicket AJAX performance
  • Direct, easy bookmarkable URLs to various pages and views
  • and dozens of other fixes and features!

For the full list of issues and features in this release, see Jira:

As always, the full installation/upgrade/configuration guide is available in Confluence:

How to get it:
This release is available in the Sakai subversion repository at:
and as a binary Tomcat overlay in the Sakai Maven repository at:

A big thanks to everyone who has contributed to the development of Profile2, and a special thanks to the Centre for e-Science, Lancaster University, UK, who contributed the Image Gallery feature!

Profile2 v1.3.4 released

I am very pleased to announce that v1.3.4 of Profile2 has been released!

This is a bug fix release and is a recommended upgrade for all implementors of Profile2.

To upgrade:

For the list of issues addressed, see JIRA:

And as usual, a full Install/Upgrade/Configuration Guide is available on Confluence:

A big thanks to everyone who contributed to this release.