Profile2 1.4 preview release available

I am very pleased to announce that a preview release of Profile2 1.4.0 is available. This release gives a sneak peek into some of the new features that Profile2 v1.4.0 will bring.

Notable features included in this release:
  • Private messaging
  • An image gallery and the ability to choose your profile image from your gallery
  • Improved Wicket AJAX performance
  • Direct, easy bookmarkable URLs to various pages and views
  • and dozens of other fixes and features!

For the full list of issues and features in this release, see Jira:

As always, the full installation/upgrade/configuration guide is available in Confluence:

How to get it:
This release is available in the Sakai subversion repository at:
and as a binary Tomcat overlay in the Sakai Maven repository at:

A big thanks to everyone who has contributed to the development of Profile2, and a special thanks to the Centre for e-Science, Lancaster University, UK, who contributed the Image Gallery feature!


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