An open invitation to join the Australasian Sakai User Group

The Australasian Sakai User Group has been formed as an outcome of the AuSakai 2010 conference. The user group aims to provide the Sakai community in the Australasian region the opportunity to network and exchange knowledge and experiences.

As a participant you will be kept up-to-date on activities and news particularly relevant to the Sakai users within this region. This includes the annual AuSakai conference, which in 2011 will be hosted in Canberra by ANU.

You are encouraged to propose ideas, activities and topics that can be shared and discussed within the community.

The Australasian Sakai User Group will be jointly facilitated by Irene Ireland, TAFE NSW – Northern Sydney Institute (NSI), Steve Swinsburg, Australian National University (ANU) and Philip Uys, Charles Sturt University (CSU).

A Sakai site has been created by ANU which will be the meeting place for the user group.

To join:

  1. register for an account (see below) for access to the site
  2. add yourself to the mailing list at

We look forward to your registration and contributions in helping to make this a vibrant and informative community.

To access the site:

Do you have an account on Alliance already?
If you already have an account on Alliance, visit, and if prompted, login with your username and password that was created for you. You will be automatically added to the site. If you think you may have had an account in the past, you can reset it.

Need a new account?
If you are not a member of ANU you will need an account. To get an account:

  1. Join the list at
  2. Send a request for a new account to the list at You will be added to the Sakai site and your account details will be emailed to you.

We look forward to working with you.


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