Time for a new blog

Lately I’ve been spreading my wings into other areas of development like uPortal, portlets, and even mobile apps. I’ve even launched my own software consultancy business (more about that later), but you wouldn’t have read about it on http://steve-on-sakai.blogspot.com because I kept that mainly to Sakai related stuff. Every time I wanted to write I held myself back because it might not have been purely #sakai related.

That, and Blogger/Blogspot is actually quite crap. It was extremely painful to write a post – something you’d think would be second nature to blogging software. In addition, not being able to have categorised feeds was extremely limiting. A few months ago they added a bunch of usability improvements to it, but that didn’t get rid of the foul taste I had in my writing mouth from earlier experiences.

So I finally took the plunge and migrated to WordPress. It imported all of my posts and comments with a few simple clicks, which was fantastic. I still need to clean up some of the junk that Blogger had in my posts but all of the recent ones are done.

So expect more articles as I now have the freedom to express.


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