Basic LTI portlet for uPortal, 1.1 release

I am very pleased to announce the 1.1 release of the Basic LTI Portlet for uPortal.

This portlet implements the IMS Basic Learning Tools Interoperability specification and allows you to render any Basic LTI enabled application inside uPortal. Possibilities include Sakai tools, Peoplesoft components, tools from other LMS’s like Moodle and Blackboard, blogs, forums, wikis, the list is endless.

This release includes the following fixes and features:

  • The config mode has been expanded to include the Basic LTI key and secret. You no longer need to edit the portlet.xml, just drop the war in and go!
  • Improved cache handling
  • Fixed a bug in the Sakai adapter where under certain conditions, some parameters were not passed through correctly
  • The docs/ dir is now included in the built artifacts

More information including a comprehensive installation and configuration guide, screenshots, project road map and architecture document, as well as information about creating new adapters is all available on the Jasig wiki:



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