How to install CentOS 6 via a remote Net Install

Last night I downloaded the latest CentOS 6 DVD ISO via bittorrent, but for some reason it was corrupted, so instead of redownloading the whole 4.3Gb image again, I thought I’d try out the net install as it’s only about 170Mb.

However when you get to the screen it asks you for the URL to download the install image. Hmm. Originally, the Net Install method was designed so you could do an install from images hosted on your network or on some local FTP server. I have neither. Luckily the CentOS mirror provides the necessary images. The following URL may save you some head scratching:

32 bit:
64 bit:

Thats it. The installer will fetch what it needs from that URL and you’ll be on your way.


38 thoughts on “How to install CentOS 6 via a remote Net Install

  1. ken says:

    Thanks….believe it or not, you need that trailing slash. You’d think they’d put up a default URL when that dialog comes up 😛

  2. Brad says:

    Thanks alot for all your help. I am new to Centos and would have spent hours looking for this URL if I had not come across your blog. Thank you so much!

  3. Jeff says:

    All documentation out there that I’ve found is redhat specific and doesn’t point you even close to the correct path, so I was glad to find this. Thanks!

    • According to a readme back up the dir tree a bit, the 6.0 directory is deprecated and you should use just 6. Drop a few bits from the end of the URL and you’ll find the correct URL. Cheers

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