Teething problems with OS X Lion

I updated my machines to Lion today. Pretty nice, but a couple of teething issues:

1. If you have a dual monitor setup and use the new fullscreen feature for an app on one monitor, the other one gets blanked out. The web is a buzz with this issue and a lot of people, including me, aren’t too pleased about this. Full screening Terminal is pretty cool, but not at the expense of what I have going on my other monitor.

2. Software Update is giving me two updates for the same app, and downloading them twice as well:

3. I opened Eclipse for the first time and it said I didn’t have a Java Runtime. It gave me the option to download one, however since Software Update was already running (see 2) it threw an error with a title of TitleBusyNamed:

4. Why did it screw up my JDK installs anyway? Poking around /Library/Java, all of the various symlinks are still there, but no actual JDK. Spring cleaning perhaps.

Edit: As it turns out, Apple is no longer shipping a JDK for OS X and is leaving it up to Oracle. I knew that was coming, just wasn’t sure when. It is apparently available via Software Update as when you launch an app that uses Java it will go off and fetch it, however I keep getting:

So, if like me you are having problems getting a JDK installed, you can get the Java for Mac OS X 10.7 Developer Package (i.e. the JDK) manually from http://connect.apple.com. Sign in and click the ‘Java’ section on the right.


37 thoughts on “Teething problems with OS X Lion

  1. restaurantinthailand says:

    Im having several problems with osx Lion on my 2010 macbook pro. It wont go into sleep mode anymore. when i close lid, or click sleep, on battery or power cable. the CPU wont go off.
    I Also had some nasty graphics glitches on mission control but i fixed it by trying all the other Apple desktop backgrounds, the one called SOLID COLOUR seems to not have the graphics glitch problem

  2. Joe Baselice says:

    After installing osx lion I can not play luxor any longer. It says power pc applications no longer apply????

  3. Mike Wagner says:

    after installing my iMAC (new model) is unusable.. having issue where I click on app (like safari, word, pretty much everything) and I go to type and the focus taken off of the app. Have to click back on it to put focus back on the form.. then almost immediately it goes off and I can’t type. Make sense? Anyone else hearing of this issue? I’m using the keyboard and mouse that case with it. Very frustrating.. Ready to Timemachine it back to Snow Leopard.

    • holyfool says:

      same here, the focus of safari gets out of control and i need to go back to the original page. sometimes it happens to firefox and chrome, usually more to safari.
      i just keep calling apple care, so far they have being very helpful.
      try to check your mouse sittings, i have a mighty mouse and indeed i had few problems between magicpref application and the new lion os x.

  4. I wonder if those of you having issues just upgraded your machines, instead of wiping and starting fresh? I have a 2010 MacBook Pro with Lion and I have absolutely none of the issues that seem to be plaguing the majority of users who made the switch. I made a Time machine backup of snow leopard, downloaded OSX lion, extracted the image, booted to the OSX lion disc I made, then used disc utility to wipe the drive, installed fresh, and then restored my time machine backup. This process was longer (about 2 hours), but it installed a clean OS and all of my apps were restored with no issues (finder froze a few times, but that is due to my Segate momentus XT caching the changes to its SSD portion, after a few restarts this went away). For good measure I also did a permissions repair. Although apple touts that you can just upgrade, its like any OS upgrade, a bad idea to not take the “clean” route.

    • Jim Lohman says:

      Why the hell didn’t Apple tell us this? Given your extensive knowledge of things Apple (had my IMAC for about 19 months), how about some instruction as to how to get this thing off my machine. So far, any improvements are out weighed by the hassles produced by LION!

  5. David says:

    I for one am very disappointed with this upgrade. I’ll admit to being a fanboy but this is VERY Microsoft. If I wanted a crappy operating system I would buy the crappy cheap computers and deal with Microshaft. I went Apple to avoid these problems. Keep it up Apple and you will lose your fans…in a f*cking hurry.

  6. Why do I Feel like I’ve gone back to a PC using Vista all these bugs are driving me Mad, copying files leaves me with about 4 of the same File and for some reason Lion doesn’t like to Alphabetise
    any files.

    • Ash from Toronto, Canada says:

      Yes because Apple has become bigger than Microsoft because of people like us. Now it is Apple’s turn to take us for a ride.

      • holyfool says:

        i thought i was the only one. the damn cat doesn’t like to do that, and every single freaking time i shout down or re-start my files are all over; i have to arrange them over and over and over again. i know Jobs is laughing his ass off in iHeaven ( i am sure he owns that place too ). hopefully they get a new OS going, maybe like the new Pussy OS XI or something better, and this Lion nightmare would be just a bad dream of the past

  7. Jim Lohman says:

    Wish I hadn’t downloaded Lion. In layman’s terms, how do I get this thing off my machine and go back to Snow Leopard? By the way, Snow Leopard still shows up on my desktop?

      • holyfool says:

        same here… it is so annoying + a lot other problems

        does any one have mr. jobs number?
        – i heard he’s just a great-great-great man when it comes down to help his customers like, he is better than mother teresa kind of deal.
        angels would sing and rays from heaven would embrace our mac’s with his free healing customer services helping powers.

        i am so screwed!, school starts in 8 days.

      • JP says:

        My laptop forces me to shut down too. I’m so annoyed. I never should’ve installed Lion. I don’t even have a back up of Snow Leopard so I can’t go back. I send a report when prompted about the shut down issue but I don’t know how much good that’ll do. They need to fix this!

  8. Gerard says:

    I had a few problems too. Realplayer converter cannot work. Create new network doesn’t work either. Then last night whole screen froze a couple of times with just only the mouse cursor moveable, i had to force shut down and restart again…annoying. Then I reinstalled my Snow Leopard back instead and all the problematic apps works just fine…most of all, Create new network is possible as well.

  9. Jim Lohman says:

    My IMAC is freezing up and I have to restart to allow me to navigate or do anything. Web pages are also slow to load. This is becoming very frustrating, I bought this MAC to get away from this sort of thing. Now, it appears that I just have an expensive PC!

  10. DTR says:

    Lion is terrible. Parallels won’t work. My internet dongle won’t work. My ipods won’t synch. I’m sure there are other things but I’ve had to go back to a PC just to function again. Hoepless – don’t upgrade.

  11. holyfool says:

    the same. i jus installed lion os x in my iMAc, it seems that every time the iMAC goes to sleep mode the whole system would shout down and the only way i can start it up again it is unplug the computer and start all over again. then, the issues with oversize desktops, so i nee dot go back and enter my password again on the login window ( up right corner next to the clock, click on your name ). any idea what is going on?
    – i think i am starting to miss my snow leo.


  12. holyfool says:


    it got so bad that i had to take my new imac back to the apple store for them to reupload lion, or just to go back to snow leo. my mac just stopped working completely not even for me to able to restart it.
    good luck jp.


  13. holyfool says:

    so i took my mac to apple store, they did all the diagnostics and they warned me that i might lose a lot of data because they were going to basically start all over. they recommended when i get home to plug my external drive and open spotlight and then migration assistant, and to follow the instructions. at the apple store the basically open a new account on my mac and uploaded lion os x. my original account’s info/data was still there.
    still, after the migration assistant, my original account was still troubleshooting. called apple care and after almost 2 hours, finally my original account in my mac was working with all my itunes music file in, all my addresses, ical, etc everything was saved.
    two of the problems were that lion ( in my original account ) was synching incorrectly with my magicpref application for the mighty mouse and some other application called mac informer. the supervisor at apple care was just great. he went thru all the logging preferences and partitions. so if you have magicpref for your mighty mouse make sure of the settings and preferences. i got rid off mac informer for good.
    so far the lion in both my original account and new account is running fine. of course the second one lacks of my itunes files, ical, emails, settings, etc but all the applications still there.
    since my first call to apple care with John, then with Victoria at the apple store and then back to apple care with Andrea and then with Marcos the supervisor and 6 hours later, the apple customer services and technicians were just amazing!, top of the line service and a lot, a lot of patience.
    hopefully this big cat will do the job and deliver what it meant to do, and i won’t have any synch problems with any other application or lion’s functions.


  14. Jim Lohman says:

    If this isn’t the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard lately, I don’t know what is. I should have known when I was having trouble downloading Lion, that somebody was trying to tell me something–I should have listened.

  15. Jim Lohman says:

    This is what we get for buying shit we know nothing about. Maybe I should have stayed with my PC, at least you can throw that away without suffering too much financial damage LoL.

  16. Jim says:

    Hi All, like you I’m having some issues with Lion. It actually feels like I’m using Windows XP all over again the number of times apps (especially mail) crash and re-open. Pages has died and come back, as has the online backup utility from my ISP. Hey @DTR, I use VirtualBox which stopped working until I upgraded it to the latest version. Maybe the same for Parallels?

    I really don’t feel I should have to drop into folders and start clearing things out and resetting things. Does anyone know if these issues are being taken up by Apple and fixed? If so any ideas when we will get a stable (like Snow Leopard) was version.

    Thanks all in advance
    – Jim

  17. Richard L says:

    After “uograding” to Lion, I’ve had a very hot MacBook Pro. Can hardly keep it on my lap. I had to install a FanCOntrol program to get the fan to run and cool it off a little. And my battery life is down from 9-10 hours to 3 hours now. CPU and network usage is minimal, so those do not seem to be the cause. I’ve used it for two weeks, so new indexing is not the cause either. This is no different than the HP Pavilion I abandoned for the MacBook, and I haven’t seen this problem solved online. If I could go back to Snow Leopard I would, but I think I am stuck with “Apple Vista”.

  18. There are apparently “known” problems with memory handling and 32 bit apps in 10.7.0/10.7.1

    Apple are testing a fix in 10.7.2

    On the down side, apparently this won’t fix the problems I’m experiencing with Javascript in browsers failing and mouse overs not working in both Lion and all my web browsers (which is a real problem) … seems to affect older Xeon processors only.

  19. holyfool says:

    i believe Apple will come up with Lion OS X 10.7.2 (free update) to solve all those issues. One of my major issues with Lion was and is permissions. The application Transmission won’t work until a new version is out, but µtorrent is working fine. Sometime Safari pages won’t function with the mighty mouse ( too sensitive? ) and they start to jump all over or just died (need to restart ). From what Apple Care said it is just to wait for the new Lion version. Good luck mates, we sure need it.

  20. Jack Garney says:

    Having problems in my mail (Yahoo), trying to delete messages after reading and the little multi-colored wheel appears. I have to back out of that function or do a restart. Don’t know if this is Lion, but it seems to be happening regularly now.

    • holyfool says:

      i had to take my MAC with the LION OS to the Apple store to get it all check up. they reinstalled Lion OS and basically redid all my system. You will have some problems here and there with Lion, especially with permissions like I did and do.
      Lion is working ok with Safari, but when the big cat needs to deal with Chrome and Firefox then there is some troubles.
      good luck.

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