Window overlap issue in OS X Lion

I just discovered another bug in OS X Lion where windows aren’t resizing properly.

In Apple Mail, choose Preferences, then Fonts and Colors [sic]. Change your Message list font size to something large, say 48. Quit Apple Mail. Reopen Apple Mail and choose Preferences, Fonts and Colors again. The window hasn’t resized to take into account the larger text box above it.

This, combined with the other issues I noted a couple of days ago is kind of showing that Lion isn’t as polished as it could be. Come on Apple, don’t drop the ball!


One thought on “Window overlap issue in OS X Lion

  1. restaurantinthailand says:

    “Mission Control is a waste of space”
    It’s a step backwards from Spaces that actually enabled you to quickly control all your windows!
    Come on Apple! sort it out we want a better OS not a GIMMICKY dress up full of bugs!
    I have only found 1 practical improvement with osx Lion and that is FINDER displays documents in a nicer way. but at what cost? My macbook won’t sleep and we’ve lost SPACES and theres loads of bugs.

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