doesn’t like black

I’ve discovered another bug since upgrading to Lion, again in

Try this, it’s fun:

Start writing a new email message. Highlight some text and click the colour palette – we are going to change it’s colour. Make it Red.

So far so good.

Highlight the text again and again click the colour palette, this time change it back to Black by choosing the black square in the top right of the palette.

It turns White.

And there is no way to make it black again. Bug filed with Apple.


4 thoughts on “ doesn’t like black

  1. Ok so there is a way to make it black again, but you need to use the ‘Show Colors…’ button and use the slider or the colour wheel. It’s still broken though.

    On that note, I want that button to say ‘Show Colours…’

  2. Apple clearly does not test their software. I can’t even set the background color in Mavericks Mail. You’d think they could throw a percent of a percent of a percent of their billions on some automated acceptance tests for their core products. Nope, welcome to 1984.

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