Simple RSS Portlet improvements

I’ve just completed a round of updates to the Simple RSS Portlet.

The first is that individual preferences can now be locked by an administrator. This means that you can lock the title and URL of a portlet, for example, but allow a user to set the number of items they want to see. You could also just disable the whole edit mode if you like.

The second is that all sorts of media enclosures are now supported. If it’s an image, it will display inline, if it’s anything else it will be displayed at the end. The styles on this still need attention but thats a job for another day.

The third is that you get a message if the feed doesn’t have anything useful to show. Not a big deal but a nice UI improvement.

The following screenshot sums it all up. This is the same portlet added to my page four times, configured with different feeds and in different modes.

By the way, this page took 10ms to render, this portlet is fast! (thank you ehcache).

I’ll be releasing this portlet as v1.1 soon. Check here for details:


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