I’m running for the Sakai Foundation Board of Directors

I’m running in the election for the Sakai Foundation Board of Directors. Voting is now open, and all Sakai Foundation Institutional Representatives are able to vote. Voting closes on the 30th November.

Here’s why you should vote for me:

Being involved with both Jasig and the Sakai Foundation, I have a keen interest in the upcoming merger between the two organisations. I have a vision for strengthened and improved quality assurance and release management practices for both communities.

I recognise the large investment that institutions and commercial affiliates have made to the Sakai CLE and as such will seek to restore Foundation support and leadership for the CLE for many years to come.

With Sakai and uPortal being global efforts, internationalisation is the key for increased adoption and development around the world. This is a significant issue, even for English speaking countries. I endeavour to improve on the existing internationalisation efforts already underway within both communities, by increasing the number of languages supported, and improving the quality and coverage of existing translations.

I also have a vision for the Sakai Open Academic Environment to be a framework that facilitates innovation in online learning and collaboration. We’ve already turned a pivotal corner in the re-imagination of online learning environments, thanks to the foresight and dedication of our community. I will strive to deliver a product that redefines online learning and collaboration for the future.

There are tremendous challenges ahead. Our community is re-writing the rules for online academic and collaboration environments. My experience and passion for Sakai puts me in a strong position to help consolidate and focus our development efforts to create truly amazing products. I am confident that my knowledge and dedication will be valuable assets, and hope that you will support my election to the Sakai Foundation Board of Directors.

Best of luck also to the other two fabulous candidates, Seth Theriault and David Ackerman: http://sakaiproject.org/news/2011-sakai-board-directors-candidates

Profile2 1.4.5 released

I am pleased to announce the 1.4.5 release of Profile2.

This is a maintenance release and is a recommended upgrade for all deployers of Sakai CLE 2.8.

Profile2 is a complete re-design and re-development of the existing Profile tool in Sakai. It gives you more of a Facebook style interface for editing your profile. In addition you have a comprehensive set of Privacy controls to allow you to choose who can see what part(s) of your Profile.

With Profile2 you can post updates (integrated with Twitter), search for people with common interests, view their profiles, view their connections, add them as a connection, and much more.

Profile2 can be run seamlessly alongside the existing profile in Sakai and integrates with the Roster tool.

Works with:
Sakai 2.8, 2.9

Database upgrade:
This release requires a minor database upgrade. You will need to apply the relevant upgrade script that is located in the /docs/database
directory of the source code, or from here for those using the automatic binary installation: https://source.sakaiproject.org/svn/profile2/tags/profile2-1.4.5/docs/database/
In addition, if you are upgrading from Sakai 2.7 or Profile2 1.3 there are database conversion scripts you need to run. For migrating from Sakai 2.7, run the normal database migration scripts.


SVN: https://source.sakaiproject.org/svn/profile2/tags/profile2-1.4.5/
Binaries: https://source.sakaiproject.org/maven2/org/sakaiproject/profile2/

Deployers running Sakai 2.8 should perform the following steps to upgrade:

  1. Update the in $SAKAI_SRC/master/pom.xml to 1.4.5
  2. Remove profile2-help-X.jar and profile2-api-X.jar from $CATALINA_HOME/shared/lib (where X represents older version numbers)
  3. Rebuild/redeploy the core-deploy project to fetch the new release and install it into Tomcat
  4. Apply any database patches as necessary

Deployers building from source should perform the following steps:

  1. Checkout the 1.4.5 tag using the SVN link above
  2. Remove profile2-help-X.jar and profile2-api-X.jar from $CATALINA_HOME/shared/lib (where X represents older version numbers)
  3. Build and deploy the 1.4.5 tag
  4. Apply any database patches as necessary

This is a recommended maintenance upgrade for anyone running the 1.4 series of Profile2. Of note is that the conversion process has been improved to allow the import of profiles from a CSV file, for easy migration of user information into the Sakai CLE.

For full details of the features and fixes in this release, see:

And as always, for full installation and configuration instructions, see:

Thanks to the following Sakai community members (in no particular order) for their involvement in this release:

Christian Bond
Ivan Ho

Profile2 is released under the Educational Community License Version 2.0