Basic LTI Portlet 1.3.0 released

I am very pleased to announce that the Basic LTI Portlet has had an update and is released as version 1.3.0.

This is a portlet that implements the IMS Basic Learning Tools Interoperability specification and allows you to render any Basic LTI enabled application inside uPortal (or any other JSR-168 compliant portlet container). Possibilities include Sakai tools, Peoplesoft components, tools from other LMS’s, collaboration and learning tools, blogs, forums, wikis, the list is endless.

This release includes additional adapters for connecting to Noteflight and Chemvantage, an improved Basic LTI launch when using uPortal, as well as some other minor UI improvements.

This portlet is running in production in the Australia National University‘s portal,, based on uPortal 3.2.4.

For downloads, configuration, screenshots and all other information, head to the Jasig wiki:


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