AuSakai 2012 – Call for Proposals

AuSakai 2012 – Call for Proposals

18-19 September 2012

Hosted by Charles Sturt University
Bathurst, Australia

The AuSakai 2012 Organising Committee invites proposals for presentations and workshops for the upcoming AuSakai 2012 conference.

AuSakai 2012 will explore ‘Sakai Futures: Openness and Innovation!‘ and papers are invited from the Sakai community that reflect this.

Presentations should explore one of the following themes:

  • Learning and Teaching
  • Technical and Development
  • Research and Collaboration

Come and hear about the new Sakai Open Academic Environment.

Abstract Submission:

Proposals should be emailed as an attachment to the Conference Team.

Guidelines for Abstracts:

  • There is a 300 word limit.
  • The conference session presentations will run for 40 minutes with an open format.
  • The session may include a 30 minute presentation with 10 minutes for questions and answers.
  • Please note: There will be no poster presentations at this year’s conference.

Important dates

  • The closing date for submission of proposals is 23 July 2012.
  • Presenters will be advised of proposal acceptance from 16 August 2012.

Further information and the registration form for AuSakai 2012 can be found at

Please note: Accommodation options are listed on the landing page as well as in the online registration form

We look forward to seeing you at AuSakai 2012.

Contact Name: Kate Rose
Telephone: 02 6338 4804

Contact Name: Lorraine Stephens
Telephone: 02 6338 4515

AuSakai 2012 printable flyer

(Posted on behalf of the AuSakai 2012 Organising Committee)

Sakai Spring MVC Maven Archetype 1.2 release

Mike Jennings from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has created a Spring MVC Maven Archetype for Sakai. This generates a fully functioning application for Sakai, complete with service layers, from a single Maven command.

This is just like the Apache Wicket version I created. Nice one Mike!

I’ve just released it into the Sakai Maven repository so it is now available for everyone to use. The command to generate a Sakai app from the archetype is:

mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeGroupId=org.sakaiproject.maven-archetype -DarchetypeArtifactId=sakai-spring-maven-archetype -DarchetypeVersion=1.2 -DarchetypeRepository=

Then simply mvn clean install sakai:deploy and you are on your way.

Any issues should be reported in JIRA:

2012 Sakai Fellows

The 2012 Sakai Fellows have been announced. Congratulations to you all!

Lucy Appert (New York University)

Lucy Appert has been a member of the Sakai Community since 2008, when she and Bob Squillace developed a Sakai CLE-based portfolio for their liberal arts program at New York University that was funded by a National Endowment for the Humanities grant.  She subsequently became the co-chair of NYU’s Sakai/ATLAS Working Group, a joint faculty and IT task force formed to develop Sakai OAE at NYU.

Lucy has also been the organizer of the User Reference Group (URG) for the Sakai OAE Project since 2010, a member of the Sakai OAE Steering Group, and an active volunteer on the Sakai Conference Program Committee. Within the Sakai Community, NYU and larger academic communities, she has worked to raise faculty awareness of and support for the new direction in academic technology represented by Sakai OAE.

Lucy is the Director of Educational Technology in the Liberal Studies Program at NYU, where she works with the program’s more than 2000 students and 130 faculty members in New York, London, Paris, Shanghai, and Florence on creative instructional technology solutions. She holds a PhD in 17th & 18th c. British literature and has twenty years of teaching experience, twelve of them at NYU.

Chris Maurer (Indiana University)

Chris has authored over 900 code commits in support of Sakai CLE development since joining the project in 2004.  Early on he was involved primarily with the Portfolio community (OSP); his responsibilities now include serving as the lead developer for Oncourse, Indiana University’s branded installation of Sakai.

Chris is also a member of the Sakai Community’s Infrastructure Group and is the lead systems administrator for the Sakai CLE Subversion code repository (, nightly build server ( and qa3-us quality assurance server instance (

Chris is a Principal Systems Analyst at Indiana University, where he has worked for 8+ years. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Sam Ottenhoff (Longsight Group)

Sam filed his first Sakai JIRA ticket over seven years ago (SAK-93) and has contributed to Sakai CLE development and QA ever since.  He was a member of Megan May’s QA group for the Sakai CLE 2.6 release and for the 2.7 series provided QA support as well as code patches.  In 2010 he joined the maintenance team and also the release management work group, helping triage bug tickets and serving as a 2.8.x branch manager.  He was elected to the Sakai CLE Technical Coordination Committee in September 2011 and currently serves as release manager for the upcoming CLE 2.9 release.

Sam is a founding partner of The Longsight Group, a company created to focus on supporting open-source applications for higher-ed.  Sam graduated from Kenyon College with a BA in History and worked on an early generation of campus web applications.  After college, Sam worked in New York City for interactive learning company ACTV and then as an educational technologist at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Sam Peck (Sakai OAE project)

Sam joined the Sakai Community in 2009 while working for a London-based user experience firm.  As the creative lead of the Sakai OAE design team, his work on interface and interaction design helps guide OAE’s user-centered, design-led development activities.

Sam is dedicated to ensuring that the Sakai OAE experience helps its users grow and develop beyond what the traditional LMS can offer.  His remit is to provide a user-friendly experience that promotes academic networking, group collaboration and content creation, curation, discovery and sharing–all informed by the needs of educators, learners and researchers.

Sam has been a User Experience Consultant for over 5 years and a Creative Director, Usability Consultant, Art Director and Designer for interfaces, web, applications, devices and various platforms for over 10 years.  He has worked with both start ups and large corporations and government agencies such as Billabong, eHarmony, IBM, Vodafone, Deutsche Bank, UK National Heath Services, UK National Lottery and the UK Government (to name a few).

Lance Speelmon (rSmart)

Lance is a long-time Sakai contributor who has worked on both the CLE and the OAE.  His recent development work includes leveraging IMS BasicLTI to provide “hybrid” integration points between the OAE and CLE sites and tools.  He also currently serves as a member of the OAE Technical Reference Group.

His association with Sakai actually pre-dates the project’s Mellon Foundation grant (2003).  While at Indiana University he worked with Stanford on the Navigo project (Samigo’s predecessor) and later joined the CLE architecture team headed by Chuck Severance and Glenn Golden.  He has served as track lead on a number of Sakai Conference Committees and was also seconded to the Sakai Foundation as a staff member during 2009-2010.

Lance now works for rSmart where he leads Sakai OAE and CLE development efforts.  He particularly focused on developing Sakai OAE agile processes, which rSmart is helping to mature and bring to market.  rSmart has contributed new capabilities and bug fixes to OAE as well as an automation suite around configuration, deployment, QA, and load testing.

Lance writes that “Sakai has been a game changer for me, and I am very happy to be able to remain at the service of the community.  I look forward to continued involvement with the community in as many capacities as I can muster.  It is an honor to be selected as a Sakai Fellow. I am humbled.”

Lynn Ward (Indiana University)

Lynn Ward has been actively involved with Sakai and Open Source Portfolio Communities since 2006, first as an instructional design and technology consultant with the IUPUI Center for Teaching and learning and more recently as a business analyst with the teaching and learning division of University Information Technology Services at Indiana University.  In her current position she provides functional leadership for Oncourse CLE, IU’s local instance of Sakai.

Lynn is an active contributor to several Sakai working groups, including the Sakai portfolio community, the portfolio visioning group and the teaching and learning capabilities design lenses group.  Last year she helped establish the Samigo working group, which she co-facilitates with colleagues from Stanford, and in January of 2012 she worked with Jon Hays (UC Berkeley) and Robert Squillace (NYU) to lay the groundwork for the “Teaching and Learning with OAE”, which now meets on weekly basis.

She also represents the portfolio community on the OAE User Reference Group and leads an OAE User Needs Group at Indiana University.  She has given presentations about Sakai CLE, OSP, and OAE at the annual Sakai Conference, the annual meeting of the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, (ELI), the annual conference of the Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network, the Assessment Institute, and the annual conference of the Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL).


Sakai Wicket Maven Archetype 1.2 release

I am proud to announce the 1.2 release of the Sakai Wicket Maven Archetype. The archetype allows you to create Sakai tool automatically via the command line, complete with API and tool layers wired together via Spring.

This is a minor maintenance release and aligns the build process for the automatically generated tool to the current build process within Sakai.

The command to generate a working Sakai app from the archetype is:
mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeGroupId=org.sakaiproject.maven-archetype -DarchetypeArtifactId=sakai-wicket-maven-archetype -DarchetypeVersion=1.2 -DarchetypeRepository=

Then simply mvn clean install sakai:deploy and you are on your way.

Any issues should be reported in JIRA:

AuSakai 2012 18 – 19 September 2012 in Bathurst, NSW, Australia

The AuSakai 2012 conference will be held on 18 – 19 September 2012 at Charles Sturt University, Bathurst Campus, NSW, Australia. The conference will finish around 3pm on 19 September 2012.

The conference website is

The theme for the AuSakai 2012 conference is “Sakai Futures: Openness and Innovation!” The theme is intended to be broad enough to encourage interest in people from the academic and wide-ranging administrative areas supporting Sakai.

AuSakai 2012 will be comprised of the following three streams:

  1. Learning and Teaching
  2. Technical & Development
  3. Research & Collaboration

The international key note speakers are:
– Dr Lucy Appert, an academic and also Director of Educational Technology, New York University. Lucy is further the chair of the Sakai Open Academic Environment user reference group.
– Ian Dolphin, Executive Director of the Sakai Foundation.

Key Dates & Pricing:
Conference – 18-19 September
Early Bird registration – $180 closes Friday 17 August
Standard Registration – $200 from 18 August – 18 September
The closing date for submission of proposals is 23 July.

Note the accommodation options listed on the home page as well as on the online registration form.

We hope that you will be able to present/attend – see you at!