University of Amsterdam and Edia launch MOOC platform based on Sakai

MOOC – ‘Massively Open Online Course’: a type of online course aimed at large-scale participation and open access via the web. MOOCs are a recent development in the area of distance education, and a progression of the kind of open education ideals suggested by open educational resources. (source: Wikipedia)

The Central Computing Services department of the University of Amsterdam
developed in close co-operation with Edia (Sakai partner) a new MOOC
platform based on Sakai CLE 2.9. This platform will be used to launch the
Universities first MOOC, “Introduction to Communication Science”. A
dedicated Course-catalog and self-enrollment tool have been developed for
this platform.

The online course entitled “Introduction to Communication Science” is an
initiative of the College of Communication and the Graduate School of
Communication Science. In the QS World University Rankings 2012, the
Communication Science programme at the UvA was assessed as the best in

The University of Amsterdam is developing various initiatives in the field
of ICT in education. More and more lectures can be viewed online via live
stream or afterwards. Developing and experimenting with MOOCs corresponds
with the University’s desire to make knowledge widely available and show
the appeal of academic study.

Interested parties can enrol now in the “Introduction to Communication
Science” study course via


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