CASifying Sakai This guide walks you through connecting Sakai to a Jasig CAS server.

Tool icons in 2.4.x Instructions on porting the tools icons seen in the 2.5+ portal, back into Sakai 2.4.

Pre-configured web content tools A guide on how to setup Web Content tools that are automatically populated with URLs so you can add and remove them as tools.

Additional web services for Sakai A stack of web services for Sakai. Most end up making it into a release but there are some experimental ones too.

Sakai web service gotchas A couple of tips on using the web services in Sakai.

How to use the Sakai Web Services A full guide on how to connect to Sakai via the web services, including code snippets for multiple languages.

Changing the appearance of the portal login links Tips on how to change the portal login links. Could be used as a starter for more in-depth portal modifications.

LDAP in Sakai 2.5 The definitive and most referenced guide on connecting Sakai to LDAP. Not just 2.5, all versions!

Quartz in Sakai How to setup the Quartz jobs in Sakai, and how to register your own.

Fronting Tomcat with Apache via mod_proxy_ajp A simple guide on fronting Tomcat with Apache (for development purposes only).

Release info My notes on performing indie releases.

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