Profile2 A Web 2.0 profile for Sakai. Search for people with common interests, view their profiles, add them as friends, share pictures, send messages and post status updates (also integrated with Twitter)

ShortenedUrlService A service for Sakai that generates and parses short urls to anything!

Sakai Wicket Maven Archetype Allows you to run a simple Maven command to generate a fully functional Sakai application which you can take and extend.

Sakai App Builder An Eclipse plugin that allows you to quickly create Sakai webapps and services. Now includes K1 and Wicket support.

SakaiAdminX An open source external administration utility for Sakai that you can deploy to manage Sakai (and other applications) via webservices.

UNE Migration Utility A utility for migrating courses from WebCT 4.1 to Sakai, complete with Content Modules, Quizzes and Resources.

uPortal / Portlets

Basic LTI portlet for uPortal A portlet that implements the IMS Basic Learning Tools Interoperability specification and allows you to render any Basic LTI enabled application inside uPortal.

Sakai connector portlet A portlet that allows you to render tools from your Sakai environment inside uPortal. It is completely configurable, and each user can choose a tool from any of their Sakai sites to display in the portal.

Simple RSS Portlet An RSS/Atom feed reader for uPortal

Tweetal A full featured Twitter portlet for uPortal

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